Talking to Ghosts, Walking in Orlando

Christopher HufferWe love Scooby Doo at our house. For a live experience, we made an appointment to walk through downtown Orlando with the American Ghost Adventure. I expected a man dressed in Victorian garb with a top hat to tell us ghost stories. Instead, we met Christopher, a regular guy wearing a black tee-shirt with a gothic cross on his chest. His ghost hunting activities aired in Great Britain.

He educated us on the different classifications of paranormal activity. Memories of emotional moments in a person’s life sometimes repeated themselves without intentions. Lost apparitions had no idea people noticed them. Other spirits reasoned and interacted with living beings.

He passed around KII EMF meters and we strolled through downtown Orlando. The fresh city had more history than the glass skyrise buildings made it seem. Christopher didn’t focus on historical events. He reported details of recent paranormal encounters.

Okay, sure. It’s possible. I mean, I’ve seen a few odd things myself over the years.

With the setting sun, the accounts of ghosts hauntings became spooky. I appreciated being greeted by a cross whenever I looked at Christopher. The bar activity added to the atmosphere. Stilettos and cocktail dresses were the perfect ghost hunting wardrobe because as it grew dark outside, the streets fill with hoochie girls, Hollywood boys, and transsexuals. It was a nice touch for the raucous happenings behind the unrested souls.

Did I see a ghost? Maybe, at the top of the Bumby building where apparitions of children played upstairs. The white light suggested they were active.

At the end of the walk, with a scary tone established, Christopher took us to his home-base located at a reputable museum. As bold as I was, entering an unfamiliar building after closing hours with a security guard locking us inside bolstered the creepy factor.

Upstairs we went into a historic courtroom. A streak of terror hit me when I touched the last spot Ted Bundy, the relentless serial killer, sat outside jail. He etched his name on the table during his trial. According to our EMF devices, a ghost was in the courtroom with us.

The real action started in the judge’s chamber. Several ghosts lingered after traumatic life experiences. They seemed accustomed to Christopher because they answered his questions by turning on flashlights.

Christopher placed equipment on the table for anyone to use. EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) detectors revealed paranormal activity.  An ovilus exposed the words on his iPhone.  Bursts of heat and chills read on the temperature gauge suggested other-worldly presences controlled the paranormal activity. He took photos with a night vision camera.

An EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) taped paranormal communications. One ghost engaged us in a thirty-minute conversation. He asked me to get a pencil and paper to write down his words.

The EVP gave cryptic phrases, same as if English wasn’t the first language of ghosts. It reminded me of the way neuroscientists routed brain waves of paralyzed patients who had lost their ability to speak to computers. As images flashed on screens, the computer stated the patients’ thoughts, proving loss of the ability to speak didn’t mean lack of intelligence.

This experience was perfect for paranormal lovers. It was thrilling, clean fun. Highly recommended to be added to the theme park entertainment list. The tour ended by ten o’clock and made an excellent cocktail hour before clubbing, too.

I became a believer. How about you? Well, fine then. If you have pictures with suspicious looking images or experiences out of your comfort zone, contact the specialist for yourself at He answers all emails and freely provides his opinions.

Apparitions are characters in some of my novels. In my nymph fantasy, they pester the protagonist, same as a persistent guy at a cocktail party tags along after getting the brush off. In my sailing mystery, a zombie materializes on certain nights to guide the protagonist toward clues for solving a mystery.

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4 thoughts on “Talking to Ghosts, Walking in Orlando

    • I think it’s definitely energy. I agree that memory of energy or traces of the past can seem like an intelligent being when no intention is behind the activity. But then, there are other times when I’m not so sure.



  1. Janie,
    Spooky blog post. Almost sounds like an excerpt from a novel! This is an interesting setting, since we tend to think of Orlando as a pretty modern city and people often associate ghosts with older places. I think this would have creeped me out!

    • Totally wasn’t expecting as much history in downtown Orlando. I knew the area was settled long ago, but never thought about spirits lingering from Native American wars and saloon days or even from the 1950s. It was on the creepy side, for sure.

      But don’t let that stop you from visiting the floral, sunshine state!


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