Fairy Energy Around Mushrooms

According to legend, fairies appear around mushrooms. I tested the folklore and discovered tiny blue and white orbs cast by the nature spirits as they flew around a mushroom.

Fairies are known to dance and play at clusters of mushrooms, which serves as an apartment complex for them. Their high frequency of movements charges the soil with active ions, spurring a greater amount of fungi growth. Once the mushrooms develop, additional fairies are attracted to the area, just as a beautiful mountainside draws people to see the view and a beach appeals to those who want to relax.

Look for mushrooms that glow if you are interested in photographing a fairy orb. Some fungi seem to shine like a white lightbulb during the daytime. At night, they often have a deep green glow. The energy emitted by glowing mushrooms opens passageways from one dimension to another. The fairies travel through them to reach their homeland when the party on earth is over.

Don’t expect the mushrooms to remain long. Fairies have other things to do besides party. When they finish celebrating life by dancing and singing, the energy in the area drops and the area returns to its slower frequency. The mushrooms dry up in the sunlight or dissolve into thin air.

Next time you see a cluster of mushrooms, take a moment to absorb the positive energy they emit. If you are lucky enough to discover a glowing mushroom, tap the tip for good luck, because it holds powerful energy for lighting up the path for the fairies to find their way home. Their light will stay with you for several hours.

In my nymph fantasy the protagonist discovers fairy orbs in a lower dimensions has enough positive energy to keep the planet green and fertile. An intuitive, passionate eighteen-year-old bravely faces the unseen forces destroying earth by entering parallel dimensions to solve the mystery of why a mystical book causes people to vanish, experience the thrill of romantic love, and reconnect with her wood nymph spirit.

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