Finding Fairy Lights

Fairies are the energy of life for nature. If you want to connect with the fairy lights, the first step is finding their secret communities. The environment provides physical evidence of where fairies congregate.

Fairy Light by Janie Bill


Activity generates growth. Fairy energy is strongest around plants that are in a stage of abundance. Blooming flowers signify active cell growth. New growth is also evident on lighter shades of leaves.

Frequently watered plants and areas that receive frequent rainfall heighten the energy of plants. Butterflies, birds and dragonflies are attracted to the playful atmosphere where fairies are dancing and singing.

The greater the amount of fairy energy, the more active the molecules in the atmosphere become. This excitement makes the fairy lights easier to see with the naked eye.

Fairy Light by Janie Bill


Notice how you feel when you approach vegetation. If you feel peaceful, you most likely connected with the healing fairies. If your mood is lifted and you feel lighter, perhaps cheerful, you are communing with the growth-producing fairies.

It is highly recommended that you only reach out to fairies if you feel more positive in their presence than you did before approaching the plants. Otherwise, you might open yourself to a lower energy nearby.

Fairy Energy by Janie Bill

Once you find a peaceful place in your mind and in your heart, fairies welcome you to ask them a question, either within your heart or verbally. Be cautious in making a request. Fairies are mischievous and their sense of humor tends to be at the expense of humans. It’s not that fairies are a lower form of spirit. They see the aura of humans and know what is in your heart when it comes to plants.

Understand that fairies are the protectors, healers and life force for vegetation. Their duty is to promote growth for the purpose of keeping the planet in order, which is an invaluable benefit to humans. Without them, all life on Earth would cease. Humans are stubborn creatures who tend to view themselves as creators with supreme knowledge over all others. Fairies often reach out to humans in an effort to teach the proper methods of promoting growth and health in plants. When fairies come across a person who ignores their wise advice, they can’t resist poking fun as a means to show how absurd and unaware we sometimes are. Fairy humor is in good faith, but if you want angelic intervention for any cause other than aiding and healing vegetation, it is best to find a different source.

With that said, if you feel compelled to improve the planet, fairies will eagerly assist with giving you the means and know-how. All you have to do is ask.

Fairy Orb by Janie Bill


All artists love recognition for their hard work and talent. Taking time to appreciate the unique shades of flowers or the agile twist of a branch is a way to invite the heightened energy into your presence.

Fairies move quickly, and their atomic make up is at a higher frequency than our physical world. For this reason, most commonly, we see their energy in the form of light. It is translucent and appears in a color that reflects the purpose of the fairy activity.

Are you a chocolate lover?

Cocoa and sugar are derived from plants. Fairies love these types of sugary sweets. Having plenty of chocolate and yummy sweets in your system can give you a sense of contentment and elevate your auric field so that you are more in tune with the fairy frequency.

Do you spurge on eco-friendly products?

Your taking responsibility for your part of using resources on the planet doesn’t go unnoticed. Making choices that improve Earth and protect other living entities raises your vibration and attracts other compassionate beings into your life.

Do you resist the urge to consume flesh?

The biggest decision we make each and every day is what we put inside our bodies. Stick with what makes you comfortable, but taking care of yourself includes caring about living creatures that can’t openly communicate their opinion on the subject matter. When you make a sacrifice for the better good, you feel better about yourself and your energy level expands to the upper vibrational patterns.

Have you given a part of yourself to saving the planet from decline?

Certainly, no one is obligated to give back to Earth, even if one of us contributed to an irresponsible act that created a threatening environment, but your actions alter the level of your energy. By volunteering and donating with an intention to right a few wrongs, whether they were your fault or not, you gain a sense of satisfaction. Taking action is empowering. Putting matters into your own hands is a way to shed yourself of the victim-ego. No one can chisel away the confidence you gain from selfless deeds. That is the real power.

Did you thank nature, today?

No one is judging if you haven’t. A “thank you” includes noticing the landscape or a healthy cluster of wild plants. An appreciative nod can be in the form of sending notice to the fairy energy that you intend to cut the grass. Acknowledging their presence is all it takes. Our maintenance sometimes distorts their collective intelligence. Energy doesn’t die. It transitions into new forms. It’s nice for the transition to be painless, even for higher beings.

Have you incorporated fairy energy into your décor?

Images attract the heart and soul of the subject matter. Surrounding yourself with beauty, including objects and colors that raise your mood, draws toward you the glorious energies of the physical, spiritual and mental worlds.

Fairy Energy by Janie Bill


Still have a sense of disconnection?

If all else fails and you don’t feel a connection with fairies. Relax and allow them to approach you, instead. Forget about what you should be doing and whether or not you handled an awkward, paper vs. plastic, situation in the most eco-friendly way. Mirror the environment you want to experience. Embellishing your space with crystals and prisms, indoors and outdoors, trains your mind to acknowledge the impact of light and how it plays in our lives. The more accustom you become to seeing glimpses of light dance across your vision, the less you will struggle to find fairy activity.

Do you doubt yourself?

Don’t think for a second that you don’t deserve to find the cheerful, heart-warming activity of fairies. The fact you are curious confirms that the fairies are reaching out to you. They are there. You are connected. But sometimes our beliefs revolving around self-denial prevent us from opening our minds. Frustration might be a convincing argument that finding fairy lights isn’t meant to be. If you have a desire to see fairy lights, you already hear their tune.

Driven Dreamers at the Concourse d’Elegance

A dream. That’s where it all started for so many of us and that’s often where it all ended, unless you possessed the drive of an automobile. At the Concourse d’Elegance in Winter Park, Florida, I met three guys with enough motivation to transmute an interest in cars into fame and income. Entrepreneur is the common term for describing the dreamers capable of making money out of ideas.

Two men created the series, Car Show Television.

Andrew McClary, Car Show Television by Janie Bill

Meet Andrew McClary and his pal, Alex Berry – two buddies who spent their leisure time admiring vintage and rare vehicles at car shows.

The car industry wasn’t only about persistent salesmen and vacant showrooms. Practically every weekend, somewhere out there sleek models giggled and posed for poster style photos with car lovers. Famous entrepreneurs discussed ways to improve the planet by modifying engines. Friends who loved breathtaking dropbacks at cozy airports full of glamorous private jets and aerobatics dancers serving champagne from chandeliers got gussied up to chitchat in the midst of the bright lights. Thrill seekers enjoyed riding actual race cars with professional drivers behind the wheels.

Like so many dreamers, Andrew decided to replace his work with his passion. But how did he go about turning joy into gold? Andrew’s career revolved around the production industry. He produced and designed websites for television, and created reenactment scenes for trials. His architectural education gave him an understanding of the machinery. As a matter of fact, he also invented a model electric car.

His desire – create a car television show that gets close and personal to the vehicles. He wanted to give viewers the opportunity to appreciate the amount of work that goes into restoring a diamond in the rough. Those dreamy vintage vehicles oftentimes were forgotten in dumpsites or even at the bottom of a lake for decades. Many were one of two still in existence, and one of five ever produced. Famous 1930s movie stars owned some cars and famous adventurers who broke world records and created animated movies purchased others. When walking in the shade of the trees through a grassy park full of vintage automobiles, it was common to pass by a vehicle used to invade a country or featured in a classic film, but unless someone took time to present the unique information to the public, the stories became forgotten. A piece of history disappeared.

His friend and fellow car enthusiast, Alex Berry, had a dream as well, and his revolved around the human interest story behind passion and hard labor. He wanted to share the excitement of the car owners by telling the who, what, when, where and why. Who were the past owners? What places had the car driven through? Why did the owner feel it merited a make-over?

Alex loved listening to owners eagerly explain how they researched the original paint color and what gimmicks they had to configure in order to get the out of production parts to work properly after years of erosion. Alex wanted to allow viewers  to meet the owners on a personal level. Not all car enthusiasts were wealthy. Some were dedicated to keeping what were once innovative inventions alive. Many were regular guys who materialized their dreams of salvaging art in machinery.

How could Alex satisfy his curiosity? Alex’s background was also based on the production industry. As the senior producer of multiple television shows, he understood how to materialize Andrew and his concepts for viewers. Thanks to his many years of working with Fortune 500 companies, Alex had the “in” with finding sponsors. Alex picked up a camera and shifted his admiration into recording stories about the amount of heart and soul that went into restoring a vehicle. According to Alex, every car had a story to tell.

The result – Car Show Television originated on Their skills and passion were combined with dedication. Shortly after airing, Alex and Andrew started riding high. They captured a wide market that included vintage car buffs and general car enthusiasts. Children got excited at seeing unique cars as well as teenagers who couldn’t wait to earn their freedom. Car Show Television was picked up by cable television and was broadcast on The Auto Channel – WHDT – in South Florida, while continuing to air via their website.

Wayne Carini, Alex Berry by Janie Bill

Another dreamer hosts a different series, Chasing Classic Cars.

The car business wasn’t too crowded for another dreamer with a sense of reality. Wayne Carini, a car restorer whose fascination for Ferrari cars started at the age of nine had stardom in his sight. His most recent mega-million dollar venture included hosting Chasing Classic Cars. His dream was to surround himself with the finest and most elite vehicles in the world. According to Wayne, his job included traveling across the country and abroad to meet with clients. Those clients, as he casually referred to them, were the wealthiest individuals with the finest tastes who only drive the most sophisticated  vehicles invented.

In his travels, Wayne gathered a nifty car collection of his own, although the Ferrari automobiles remained his true love. He jokingly admitted that his fans weren’t required to pick the Ferrari as their favorite just because he follows their shows across the country.

Wayne rose to the top quickly, and was clever enough to continually reinvent himself. Chasing Classic Cars wasn’t Wayne’s first appearance on television. With his current show, his desire was to introduce his inner circle of top dogs and their high performance autos to the world. He featured celebrities and entrepreneurs with the ease of your closest relative sitting down for a holiday dinner beside the fireplace. His lofty personal relations afforded him the grace of getting viewers into the private settings of the elite car owners’ garages. His gentle nature and soft voice made him a mega personality.

Learn the World Peace Diet

Scientists uncover evidence supporting man’s need to change his diet for mental health, longevity and emotional stability.  An expert in the field, Dr. Will Tuttle, published a book entitled, The World Peace Diet, as an outstanding resource for educating man about the reasons we must return to a vegan lifestyle.  After becoming familiar with his theories, I spoke with Dr. Tuttle and he was kind enough to take time to answer the following questions.

Welcome, Dr. Tuttle.  Thank you for discussing the information available in your book, The World Peace Diet.  Your narrative CD version awakens man to the necessity and logic of making wise food-intake decisions.     

Question 1:  You provide a full description of Plato’s theories regarding the benefits of people adopting an animal free diet.  Why did some of Plato’s knowledge regarding science remain public while his information about adopting a vegan lifestyle vanished from available books? 

Actually, in The World Peace Diet, I discuss several ancient Greek & Roman philosophers who all advocated a vegan diet and lifestyle – Pythagoras, Plato, Plotinus, and Plutarch. Pythagoras is considered the father of vegetarianism and vegan living in our Western world, and until the mid 1800s vegetarians were referred to as Pythagoreans. Pythagoras emphasized the spiritual, social, and health benefits of a plant-based diet, and warned people that if they killed animals for food, they would also kill each other in wars. These important ideas are more vital now than ever, and form the foundation of The World Peace Diet. Plato (like his teacher Socrates) was in many ways a Pythagorean and taught that herding livestock led to conflicts over land and to warfare. Plotinus was a neo-Platonist and strong advocate of compassion to animals, as was Plutarch, a Roman historian.

Their ideas have been covered over simply because they make people in our culture uncomfortable with what is their most basic behavior: eating food. This is unfortunate, of course, because if these teachings were heeded by us today, we would be able to reduce the many diseases caused by eating animal foods, as well as the environmental devastation that is unavoidable in growing vast amounts of grain and legumes and feeding them to animals who are hyperconfined, mutilated, and killed at the rate of 75 million per day in the U.S. alone. People are starving and malnourished, and it’s completely unnecessary, and all this slaughter is similarly unnecessary, and the war and inequity that flows from it as well.

Question 2:  In The World Peace Diet, you posit a hidden and powerful core mentality in our culture – what is that?

All of us are born into a culture that injects into us from infancy a program that forces us to look with eyes that see certain beings as things – as commodities that exist merely to be killed and eaten. This mentality of reducing beings to things—commoditization of life—is devastating to our inherent intelligence, sensitivity, and compassion. It leads to a mentality of exclusion, elitism, might-makes-right, privilege, and disconnectedness. It is this mentality that is injected into us through our three daily meals, where we are all forced to participate in rituals in which sentient beings are reduced to mere flesh and secretions. We are forced to eat them, thus internalizing this mentality that is totally contrary to our well-being and the well-being of the Earth and of other animals. By far the most intelligent, creative, caring, and aware action that any human being in our culture can engage in is to extricate themselves from this toxic and destructive program, and switch to a plant-based way of eating and living, out of compassion to the whole web of life in which we are all embedded. This is the foundation of joy, peace, abundance, wisdom, health, and happiness for all.

Question 3:  According to your studies, people initially consumed fruit, nuts and leaves.  What prompted humans to deviate from his healthful diet?

No one knows the answer to this question. We don’t even know what happened in history, much less in pre-history! What happened on 9//11? Who killed JFK? What happened just a few days or years ago? We don’t know! What we have are “official stories” that are created for our consumption in order to keep everyone enslaved to a system of domination and ignorance, where we are willing to work in jobs that rob us of our precious time and resources, and imprison us in the ignorance of separateness, willing to fight wars and eat animals and destroy the Earth without comprehending our true purpose on this Earth.

Today, we can see that we are designed for plant-based foods, and whatever reasons people have had in the past for eating animal foods (which I discuss at length in The World Peace Diet), we can easily see that it is terrible for our physical, psychological, cultural, ecological, and spiritual health. Any one of us can prove this in our own lives as well!

So rather than look too much to the past, I think it’s a great idea to be pulled by the future. Let’s envision an abundant, peaceful, creative, and joyful future, and base our behavior on reaching that, rather than trying to figure out how we should be driven by a past that we will never completely know or understand (at least until we go vegan and awaken our latent wisdom)!

Question 4:  Your information regarding how humans transitioned from being peaceful gatherers and gardeners to being much more aggressive figures who dominated and owned living creatures as property provides a clear image of how our diet and its required mentality impacts our emotional stability.  In what ways would humankind improve if we resisted eating animal products?

By ceasing to eat animal foods, we begin the process of extricating ourselves out of the pervasive program of violence and reductionism that ensnares our culture in ignorance and war. The mentality required to reduced beings to mere objects of property is the essence of the problem, and by rejecting that, we open the door of the prison that we are in. Anyone of us can do this at any time! Going vegan is actually just the first step out of the prison. We are called by our inherent wisdom to shed all the layers of violence, fear, and delusion that cover the light of pure consciousness that we truly are. Going vegan is the first essential step, and it means adopting an attitude of radical inclusion whereby we cultivate respect and kindness for all beings, both human and animal. This is the essence of the inner work that is the foundation of transforming our lives and our world. As I say in The World Peace Diet, we cannot build a tower of love with bricks of cruelty. As we eat and act and relate with kindness and love, we build a body, emotions, and life of harmony and freedom.

Question 5:  The quote by Benjamin Franklin captured the experiences of many vegans with regard to attending social gatherings with the commitment to avoid consuming animal foods.  Do vegans benefit spiritually by standing firm on their beliefs even when it causes strife within their communities?

It is quite humorous to say that vegans are causing strife within their communities by not going along with the meals and attitudes of exclusion, oppression, and mindless violence that are required by animal foods. As vegans, we are bystanders to the horrific violence perpetrated by people who take out their wallets and pay for animal-sourced foods. We are witnessing and questioning the unnecessary cruelty toward animals, and any “strife” we cause is the precious energy of liberation that will help both the perpetrators and the animals become free from this devastating situation. If we are doing our jobs well, we are causing significant cognitive dissonance by providing examples of people who are not afraid to be kind and to lovingly speak the truth about the interconnectedness of all life. Through this we can transform our world!

Question 6:  The observation that consuming dead animals kills the person who swallowed the flesh provides a vegan solution to most medical ailments.  In what ways would world economy benefit from the decrease in physical disease and deterioration?

If people stopped eating animal foods, our economy would be enormously blessed. The way it’s set up now, there is a small, wealthy elite that is enriching itself at the expense of people, animals, and the Earth. All are abused and becoming more diseased. Switching to a plant-based diet is an action of liberation. We stand up, open our hearts, and proclaim to the world that we love and that we are willing to act on that love. Our physical and psychological health immediately improve, as does our spiritual health. We begin to create healthier communities wherever we are, and we significantly reduce our ecological footprint on the Earth. We begin to create new economies based on spiritual growth and caring, rather than being slaves to a system of oppression and death. As vegan living continues to grow and percolate through our culture, we will see enormous healing energies released that will counteract the insane inequities that are perpetrated by the transnational financial and corporate powers. It all begins on our plates, and extends outward from there.

Question 7:  When I see people eating animal foods and hear them saying they don’t care about cows, chickens, fish, pigs, and other animals, or about starving people, I get very angry with them. What can I do about this?

We have to remember that anger, whether it’s expressed or repressed, tends to be toxic not only to ourselves but to others and to our relationships. Anger causes acidification and contraction, physiologically, and can lead to a variety of physical and psychological complications. It is exclusionary, (though not as exclusionary as indifference) and veganism is the path of expansion and inclusion.

For me, a wonderful way to understand and deal with the anger that tends to arise in these types of situations is to contemplate and remember the Taosit teaching of Chuang-tzu, who offered a metaphorical teaching about a boat. If you’re laying down in a boat on a lake, quietly resting, and suddenly another boat just whams into you without any warning, you’d probably get immediately irritated and angry and leap up, ready to yell at the thoughtless pilot of this other boat. Yet, if upon doing so, you suddenly see that the other boat is actually empty, and it just drifted into your boat, propelled by the winds of karma, you immediately see how foolish it is to be angry in this situation, and all anger dissipates. You even burst out laughing.

This is the same with us. The people we get angry with are empty boats. There is a karmic wind propelling them, and their words and actions, and it is essentially the programming of our culture. Why yell at or be angry with someone who is propelled by the cultural program? Is it wise to yell at and be angry with a program? With the wind? They are asleep – sleep walking and sleep talking. In many ways, it’s pretend sleep walking and sleep talking. We get frustrated and angry because they are causing harm to others and we want them to wake up. Our task is to discover what works best to do this.

Creating communities that encourage awakening is an important part of this – the essential ingredient in cultural and personal transformation is relationship and communication and interaction with others. Building vegan community, both where we are and in cyberspace, is essential to the awakening of our world. Everything we do to channel our energy of caring from anger to constructive community building is a healing gift that blesses us and everyone in our world.

We deeply appreciate your time and energy with sharing your message.  You offer solutions to man’s fight against diseases and discontentment.  You have an amazing insight and the great gift of teaching.

All of Dr. Tuttle’s books and CDs are available at and is on the best seller’s list for  Dr. Tuttle requests we all spread the word and help mankind live in peace.

The Modern-Day Dubai of Babel

Dubai desert by Janie Bill

When traveling to Dubai, first and foremost, select the perfect wardrobe takes priority. Cover from your ankles to your neck, even though Dubai is hellaciously hot. Forget dressing according to the weather’s global warming. Understand from the get go, all ladies, no matter their poise, feel the heat, especially since women by law must be conservative in their dress, as in, tourists are arrested for violating the dress code.

Dubai camel by Janie BillProper attire includes a scarf around the shoulders, and ideally ladies reveal nothing above their wrists. On the flip side, any woman who is violated by another stands the likelihood of being arrested for infidelity. Regardless, it’s always proper and in everyone’s best interests to respect the cultural customs you encounter in your travels.

It is wise to pre-arrange with a transportation service to have a private car for safety reasons. Zip and I arrive via boat in the Persian Gulf with our driver scheduled to pick us up at the terminal, but when the driver doesn’t show, Zip finds him in a no-entry area.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak English,  the second language of Dubai. Even less fortunate, he doesn’t speak the native language, Arabic. With more than eighty percent of the population being expatriates, it wasn’t uncommon.

Burj Khalifa by Janie BillDubai’s community atmosphere is represented in a modern day Tower of Babel. The Burj Khalifa reaches closer to the heavens than any other building in the world.

We decide to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa, however, without being able to read road signs and parking garage directions, it turns into a whirl-wind adventure. The average size of the enormous buildings makes the “everything is bigger in Texas” standard minuscule. Parking in one spot and walking around enormous skyscrapers is out of the question. Asking for directions proves useless since passersby don’t have a common language.

Thankfully, Zip’s strength is speech. The challenges with communication get him worked into a lather. He resorts to hand-signaling orders to our driver, and he recognizes patterns in the symbols and letterings on signs. The ground floor is a shopping mall and food court. The educational elevator ride is part of the attraction. Zip buys a ticket for our driver and insists we go to the top of the building together to ensure our driver doesn’t leave.

Burj Khalifa view by Janie BillThe far-reaching view showcases dust storms rolling across the desert and swallowing the edges of town. Boats sail along enormous manmade moats surrounding the skyscrapers. Glass windowpanes around the Burj Khalifa are open.

The city is all about shopping. Despite the mandatory conservative dress code, the shops sell skimpy designer clothes. Indoor skiing, water sports and themed hotels keep entire families entertained. Dubai is basically Vegas without casinos and gambling.

The desert is the place to fulfill romantic Persian dreams. “Safari” rides and jumping sand dunes resemble riding in the backseat of a roller coaster.  Arid bushes produce poisonous, yet pretty, blooms. Camels bow on their knees and politely wait for water. Belly dancers from far away places, such as Philadelphia, dance in traditional outfits.

Dubai camel by Janie BillIt is best to protect your feet in  the desert. The sand scalds bare skin. Zip proves a little heat never ruins a vacation by sledding down a sand dune. Skin painting and camel rides are available. A refreshing and healthful feast is served with a generous selection of liquids.

After a day of Persian dream festivities, the city provides the world’s most luxurious hotels and within those hotels are the world’s most accommodating chefs. Vegans are welcome since the cultural diversity of Dubai attracts religious practitioners who respect one another’s convictions. Don’t leave your shopping bags behind. I forget mine and the price for postage to have a keychain and pillowcase mailed, is higher than the value of the items, even higher than than the costs of shipping a three-foot tall, copper statue from Cochin.

Dubai Flowers by Janie BillThe hotels provide opulent settings for relaxation and connecting with family. Expect the best. Smoldering passion is the mood. Clean fun is the quality of life. Dubai is truly the place where the East merges with the West.

Hankering for Hong Kong

Hong Kong is best known for modern architecture and bright lights. With a population over 7 million on 426 square miles, every inch of the island and peninsula bustles with activity. Although 95 percent of the residents are Chinese, since it is one of the financial capitals of the world, old friends from the past are sure to have relocated to Hong Kong. The key is to locate their phone number before arriving.

I reconnected with a high school friend who had moved to Hong Kong twenty years ago. The internet is an amazing device for communicating, even if your lost long pal never logs in online, but having a mutual go-to friend was my saving grace. My international friend was bilingual, however, she never learned any of the languages spoken in China. Cantonese was common and English was widely used even by locals. With all the different Asian ancestries, it is common for long time residents to only be able to communicate in English with their neighbors.

The highlights of the town are the luxury hotels. But don’t despair if they are too pricy. Anyone can shop in their stores, munch in their exquisite restaurants, and enjoy formal tea in the afternoons. Reasonably priced accommodations sit next door to the finer hotels. Plan ahead. Make reservations and schedule time to wait long hours in line when visiting the dining room of a hotel where you aren’t staying.

My hubbie, Zip, visited Hong Kong when he was a poor student and stayed at the Y, which was an extremely nice place. For our trip, he splurged and fulfilled his dream to stay at the Peninsula Hotel that butts against the Y. We commemorated his achievement by taking photos of all the bell boys and receptionists. After a refreshing lunch by the indoor swimming pool, we took turns changing into our swimwear. Zip vanished. He never came back. I searched for him at the spa and explored the winding corridors. After I called the staff, there was a hunt for him. Exhausted from our flight, I gave up and returned to our room, thinking he might show up.

Instead, the knocks on the door were the bell boy who dropped off gifts for our children and to serve tea. The room was spectacular and in no time, I was fast asleep in the middle of the day. Hours later, after dark, Zip found his way back. While gazing at the intriguing city from the roof balcony, he fell asleep outside the pool area. We made up our lost time by staying out at night to see the many sights. I suggest embracing the urge to nap when you arrive, regardless of how sincerely you intend to stay awake and hit the sidewalks.

Window shopping was fantastic however the prices are higher than in other countries. When I asked about the cost of a kiddie video game, it was three times the price in the United States. The Ladies’ Market claims to provide bargains for shoppers who enjoy haggling but be warned that it’s mainly junky merchandise. Temple Street Night Market opens after dark for anyone interested in an Asian atmosphere. The bazaar is located at a temple and sells jade, porcelain and Chinese food. The inner blocks of random storefronts have massage parlors, electronic shops and Chinese foods with an exotic flare.

The Peninsula Hong Kong by Janie Bill

With 90 percent of the people relying on public transportation, take advantage of the system. Ride a tram up to the Peak and watch the sunset across the rooftops of over 1200 skyscrapers. Reservations are a must. Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world and the Peak is known for being a great place to exchange wedding vows and for keeping an eye out for birds.

Experience the Hollywood of the East at the Avenue of the Stars. Statues and handprints of the famous movie stars beside descriptions of how Hong Kong earned its place in media history sit under the bright lights surrounding the breath-taking Victoria Harbour. The British influence is prevalent in restaurants along the water around the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. It is an excellent viewing platform for the nightly Symphony of Lights. A favorite shot of Hong Kong in the backdrop of movies and music videos is of 40 skyscrapers performing a synchronized dance with their lights. Remember the emotionally charged scenes in Push.

The Clock Tower is a monument near the railway as a reminder of the Steam Age. The tall structure marks the place millions of Chinese immigrants passed through Hong Kong en route to a new life. Hong Kong is a perfect destination for history buffs. The town has been ruled by many cultures and all left a cultural impression.

For travelers yearning for some good will and blessings on their journey, check out the Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery. Only 268 steps away from the Buddhist World of the South, experience the magnificent awareness of a giant golden Buddha looking down on vegetarian restaurants and the worshipful monks. Connect with nature by strolling through the gardens, studying the colorful architecture, listening to the bird songs and inhaling incense. Leave in peace.

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a boat ride. Victoria Harbour is a wonderful setting for evening sails. The buildings and activity and lights are invigorating. Romantic strolls under colorful lights along the waterway are popular, as well. So romantic, I made sure to hold onto Zip so he wouldn’t get lost, again. Locals have intense enthusiasm for intimate parties during sporting events. Of course, reading is a beloved activity and electronic devices are a must for carrying around an enormous selection of books at one time.

For a large city, Hong Kong is a great place for indulging in relaxation. Major attractions are the spas and swimming pools at the hotels, not to mention the outstanding hotel service. Expect to receive complementary gifts for the kids, white glove room service, personal butlers at tea time and attentive cabana boys. Hong Kong acts as a place for recuperating after a long journey to reach the east before continuing on to the next destination. The city feels grounded and the residents seem happy. It’s a place to enjoy.

Sunrise Angel Rays

Sunrise Angel Rays by Janie BillNew day. Starting over. Releasing the gunk from yesterday.

Angel Healing Orb by Janie Bill

A sunrise sends a bright light across the horizon, like a beacon warning adventurers to navigate through the clear waters. One morning when I woke with the seagulls and cormorants after spending the night on a sailboat, I felt empowered by the still light raining down on a mangrove island. An otherworldly presence seemed to hold life in place. My impression was confirmed by a cusp of red light generating a green, healing orb appearing in a photo I took.

Wildlife moves calmly during the waking hours. Sailors whisper, as if a sunrise is reverent and deserves respect. The tranquil, yet inspiring, mood during a sunrise overpowers chaos and activity.

The world takes a breath. A solitary light shoots out of a crack in the darkness, alights the treetops and dances over water, reminding each of us about our inner lights.

What creates the sense of connecting with one’s soul at the sight of a sunrise?

As I walked around the dock, photographing the sailboat with the sunrise in the background, the serene atmosphere extended the morning hour, giving the world a greater chance to absorb the heightened state of being. A green light followed me, filling me with the sensation of having Archangel Raphael heal the earth.

Angel Sign by Janie Bill

Perhaps the omnipresent mood arises from an innate understanding that the first rays to stretch out from the sun each day are less intense than the full sunlight. Looking directly at the mid-day sun damages the retina, however, many serene souls feel compelled to stare for long periods of time at the diffused sunlight when it breaks through dawn. Scientists discovered how rays from a sunrise stimulate the pituitary gland, nourishing the cells in the body, and elevating the need to consume as much food and liquids for deriving energy.

The quieting mood opens channels and clears the senses, resembling the results of meditating. Releasing thoughts relating to stress and worries elevates one’s energy, placing him in sync with angels.

Sunrise angels rain down peacefulness and blessings on all who take notice. They resonate within the early morning sunrays and caress every object exposed to the rising sun.

Sunrise Angel Orb by Janie Bill

The next time you find yourself awake before the break of dawn, step outside, look around and take in the sunrise angel rays. They are there, spiraling out from the special light cast by the sun, moving through the atmosphere, spreading blessings, expanding hopes, manifesting dreams. The concept of how influenced the earth and all beings in our atmosphere are influenced by the sun is the theme of my sailing mystery, where the protagonist must overcome adversity during chaotic natural disasters while fighting her lust for gold.

Healing Angel by Janie Bill

The Sad, Sad Telling of Trees

Spirit of Tree by Janie BillThere is a magnificent house on an elaborate road lined with manicured lawns and blooming trees where a row of sad trees frown as you pass by. At first when I noticed, I thought it was an unusual coincidence. Each pitiful expression practically hits me in the face as I drive by, one after the other, with five total. A flash of sadness, a smack of pain, a slam of discontentment.

Spirit of Tree by Janie Bill

After a few years of feeling my mood plummet as I crossed paths with the row of five trees, I wondered why all the trees in front of this particular home seemed sad. Could trees pick up on the mood inside a house and project the sadness within? Was it possible the roots of trees accumulate  vibrations of pain and remorse emitted by people fighting and arguing on the property above them? Do hateful words linger in the atmosphere long after the anger of the person speaking dissolves?

The house behind the trees is painted in a muddy white with light brown bricks. It’s practically large enough to be a mansion with a curving driveway and windows opening up to long staircases and stately chandeliers. The wide lawn is a healthy green with a row of oleander trees along the symmetrically arranged windows. The left side of the home is identical to the right side.

What could possibly cause trees to express such a profound sadness?

Spirit of Trees by Janie Bill

I conclude that the family living in the house is suffering. Perhaps a child is ill, or the couple is unhappy. The trees pick up on the desperate cries for help and the reckless arguments.

Eventually, breaking news reveals the story and confirms my theory. Inside the magnificent home, a man feels inadequate after years of making less money than he considers to be reasonable. Adopted by wealthy merchants, he never seems to embrace his high social status. His wife leaves with the children under her arm after allegations of his being physically abusive. Within a year, the sad, sad man commits suicide.

Spirit of Tree by Janie Bill

Trees tell stories about the situations surrounding them. They pick upon love and they respond to sadness. Scientists confirm how trees respond negatively to certain vibrations. When exposed to harsh sounds, trees shrivel and die. Then again, trees react in a positive way when exposed to classical music, the singing voice of a happy child and a few gentle pats when a cheerful mom gives them water.

Which leads to another question. Are there naughty nature spirits who influence trees? Do cunning elementals influence the vibrations surrounding trees? Is it possible to see a hint of the faces of menacing nature spirits who reside in the essence trees that grow weak due to exposure to harsh surroundings? Perhaps, if you look closely you will see a sinister spirit dominating a tree.

Sad Tree Spirit by Janie BillIn my fantasy novel, the trees remember every word spoken throughout history. They never forget. The roots of the trees carry the messages across the globe. There are no secrets on our planet because the trees collect our words. What is spoken never leaves the atmosphere.

Vegans Save Money

Vegans across the globe swear there’s a sure-fire way to save money. By amping up the amount of vegetables and fruit in your diet, you can eliminate the cost of flesh foods. The price of prime beef is over four dollars per pound. Compare that to grains, beans, rice, noodles and corn, which start at less than one dollar per bag.

Okay, you’re right. Fruit gets pricey at times, particularly when there’s been a freeze or foul weather during the growing season. Making the commitment is still a sure-fire way to increase the money in your pocket thanks to those powerful antioxidants in addition to your depleting toxins from your diet. With your dedication to care for yourself comes the reward of decreasing your chances of having a heart attack, bypass surgery and colon disease, well, the list goes on and on. Not all insurance carriers come through when the going gets tough and it’s not always easy to save a nest egg for future, potential medical problems.

Life insurance policies base their rates on your health. Great news for the savvy eater who can skip marking boxes in entire categories of the questionnaire and even better news when your carrier checks out your medical records. You end up with lower rates.

If you hanker for a more immediate reward, soak in the benefits of having fewer illnesses, meaning fewer doctor’s visits, fewer medical tests, and (one of my favorite desires) fewer needles puncturing your skin. All those less-isms translate into less annual medical expense to keep your personal temple in tip-top performance.

If you’re anything like me, aside from feeling peachy about resisting the urge to consume proteins from snotty eggs and docile cows, your main concern is about where you are going to get your next sweet fix.

As a super bonus for considering modifying your diet to save cash, I’ve included the following vegan chocolate cookie recipe, the Janie Bill cookie special:

1/2 cup of margarine

½ cup of coconut oil


3/4 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

6 tablespoons of unsweetened almond milk


2 1/4 cup all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 tablespoon of cornstarch


1 1/2 cups dairy free, vegan chocolate chips

1 cup of pecan chips

½ cup of coconut shreds

sprinkle with the tiniest bit of sea salt