Finding Fairy Lights

Fairies are the energy of life for nature. If you want to connect with the fairy lights, the first step is finding their secret communities. The environment provides physical evidence of where fairies congregate.

Fairy Light by Janie Bill


Activity generates growth. Fairy energy is strongest around plants that are in a stage of abundance. Blooming flowers signify active cell growth. New growth is also evident on lighter shades of leaves.

Frequently watered plants and areas that receive frequent rainfall heighten the energy of plants. Butterflies, birds and dragonflies are attracted to the playful atmosphere where fairies are dancing and singing.

The greater the amount of fairy energy, the more active the molecules in the atmosphere become. This excitement makes the fairy lights easier to see with the naked eye.

Fairy Light by Janie Bill


Notice how you feel when you approach vegetation. If you feel peaceful, you most likely connected with the healing fairies. If your mood is lifted and you feel lighter, perhaps cheerful, you are communing with the growth-producing fairies.

It is highly recommended that you only reach out to fairies if you feel more positive in their presence than you did before approaching the plants. Otherwise, you might open yourself to a lower energy nearby.

Fairy Energy by Janie Bill

Once you find a peaceful place in your mind and in your heart, fairies welcome you to ask them a question, either within your heart or verbally. Be cautious in making a request. Fairies are mischievous and their sense of humor tends to be at the expense of humans. It’s not that fairies are a lower form of spirit. They see the aura of humans and know what is in your heart when it comes to plants.

Understand that fairies are the protectors, healers and life force for vegetation. Their duty is to promote growth for the purpose of keeping the planet in order, which is an invaluable benefit to humans. Without them, all life on Earth would cease. Humans are stubborn creatures who tend to view themselves as creators with supreme knowledge over all others. Fairies often reach out to humans in an effort to teach the proper methods of promoting growth and health in plants. When fairies come across a person who ignores their wise advice, they can’t resist poking fun as a means to show how absurd and unaware we sometimes are. Fairy humor is in good faith, but if you want angelic intervention for any cause other than aiding and healing vegetation, it is best to find a different source.

With that said, if you feel compelled to improve the planet, fairies will eagerly assist with giving you the means and know-how. All you have to do is ask.

Fairy Orb by Janie Bill


All artists love recognition for their hard work and talent. Taking time to appreciate the unique shades of flowers or the agile twist of a branch is a way to invite the heightened energy into your presence.

Fairies move quickly, and their atomic make up is at a higher frequency than our physical world. For this reason, most commonly, we see their energy in the form of light. It is translucent and appears in a color that reflects the purpose of the fairy activity.

Are you a chocolate lover?

Cocoa and sugar are derived from plants. Fairies love these types of sugary sweets. Having plenty of chocolate and yummy sweets in your system can give you a sense of contentment and elevate your auric field so that you are more in tune with the fairy frequency.

Do you spurge on eco-friendly products?

Your taking responsibility for your part of using resources on the planet doesn’t go unnoticed. Making choices that improve Earth and protect other living entities raises your vibration and attracts other compassionate beings into your life.

Do you resist the urge to consume flesh?

The biggest decision we make each and every day is what we put inside our bodies. Stick with what makes you comfortable, but taking care of yourself includes caring about living creatures that can’t openly communicate their opinion on the subject matter. When you make a sacrifice for the better good, you feel better about yourself and your energy level expands to the upper vibrational patterns.

Have you given a part of yourself to saving the planet from decline?

Certainly, no one is obligated to give back to Earth, even if one of us contributed to an irresponsible act that created a threatening environment, but your actions alter the level of your energy. By volunteering and donating with an intention to right a few wrongs, whether they were your fault or not, you gain a sense of satisfaction. Taking action is empowering. Putting matters into your own hands is a way to shed yourself of the victim-ego. No one can chisel away the confidence you gain from selfless deeds. That is the real power.

Did you thank nature, today?

No one is judging if you haven’t. A “thank you” includes noticing the landscape or a healthy cluster of wild plants. An appreciative nod can be in the form of sending notice to the fairy energy that you intend to cut the grass. Acknowledging their presence is all it takes. Our maintenance sometimes distorts their collective intelligence. Energy doesn’t die. It transitions into new forms. It’s nice for the transition to be painless, even for higher beings.

Have you incorporated fairy energy into your décor?

Images attract the heart and soul of the subject matter. Surrounding yourself with beauty, including objects and colors that raise your mood, draws toward you the glorious energies of the physical, spiritual and mental worlds.

Fairy Energy by Janie Bill


Still have a sense of disconnection?

If all else fails and you don’t feel a connection with fairies. Relax and allow them to approach you, instead. Forget about what you should be doing and whether or not you handled an awkward, paper vs. plastic, situation in the most eco-friendly way. Mirror the environment you want to experience. Embellishing your space with crystals and prisms, indoors and outdoors, trains your mind to acknowledge the impact of light and how it plays in our lives. The more accustom you become to seeing glimpses of light dance across your vision, the less you will struggle to find fairy activity.

Do you doubt yourself?

Don’t think for a second that you don’t deserve to find the cheerful, heart-warming activity of fairies. The fact you are curious confirms that the fairies are reaching out to you. They are there. You are connected. But sometimes our beliefs revolving around self-denial prevent us from opening our minds. Frustration might be a convincing argument that finding fairy lights isn’t meant to be. If you have a desire to see fairy lights, you already hear their tune.

Extraterrestrials Celebrate Halloween, Too

If everything happens for a reason, then it was meant for me to cross paths with an unidentified flying machine. One of our family traditions is to spend Halloween on the west coast of Florida and maybe it was because of the full moon influencing our minds but all of us shared a spontaneous impulse as we piled in the car to drive in the opposite direction. We arrived on the east coast of Florida in Vero Beach the weekend before Halloween.

Extraterrestrial by Janie Bill

On Saturday night, the sun set around 6:45 p.m. The heat of the day lifted and a steely, brilliant full harvest moon sat low enough over the ocean to ignite the crests of waves and illuminate the coastline. As if a supernatural force beckoned the townspeople, families gathered on the beach. While children raced down the shoreline and couples cuddled, the sky turned pitch black and the stars receded into the darkness.

UFO by Janie Bill

Around 7:35 p.m., a yellow dot of light appeared on the surface of the waves. At first, it seemed to be a diver having a late night look at a famous sunken English ship, the Breconshire, but instead of the mysterious light sitting beside the American flag that marks the dive site, the light was closer to shore and a little too far north. The ocean floor was darker than the sky. Sharks and other predators roamed the coral reefs on the attack. It wasn’t safe to dive at night.

Unidentified Flying Object by Janie Bill

Perhaps a diver was in distress, yet, no one with any sense of caution went out after dark in the rough waters at Vero Beach. Gusts of wind tossed the waves high. The sharp drop a few feet from the shoreline intensified the impact of the waves. The crushing waves trapped swimmers underwater, or worse yet, prevented them from reaching the surface.

UFO sighting by Janie Bill

Suddenly, a colorful unidentified object flew in from the ocean. It hovered over the dot of light in the water. I expected the object to be a rescue team saving a diver. I anticipated seeing them drop emergency supplies and then lift a person up to safety.

Flying Object by Janie Bill

There was no drop and no rescue. As if it had been signaled to approach a contact marker, the object flew in a choppy motion back and forth, sometimes rising higher, other times jerking downward, over the yellow pin light in the ocean. There was no sound. No propellers clapped and no motor hummed. The flying object remained for approximately fifteen minutes. When the pin light went out, the flying object retreated back to the ocean.

Unidentified Flying Object by Janie Bill

I didn’t see anything in the news about the mysterious event but advocates have claimed that extra terrestrials lived alongside humans. Perhaps instead, extra terrestrials resided in underwater communities. Possibly, their understanding of the solar system and engineering allowed them to navigate across the universe the way mankind hopped on airplanes for holiday vacations. If so, extra terrestrials might’ve been responding to a pull from the full harvest moon that was aligned close to Halloween the same way some cultures believed the hallowed night allowed the dead to commune with the living. I wrote a story with this theme, but if everything happens for a reason, it was no accident when my file crashed and was zapped into a void, but thankfully, my photographs recreated the story.

Kookoo for Men in Black

Flying Saucer by Janie Bill

There’s plenty of hype over spacecrafts appearing in the sky. With those stories come the conspiracy theories where the Unites States government threatens to kill anyone who mentions U.F.O. sightings. Other countries don’t have such a strong negative sigma against those who see spaceships zip through the clouds.  I’m taking a chance that no Men in Black will harass my family by admitting to be one of those folks who is absolutely positive about witnessing a spaceship.

Am I kookoo? I sure hope not.

More than once, Zip emphatically shared his story of spotting a U.F.O. zig-zag back and forth over a field in Exeter, New Hampshire one afternoon when he was feeling low in the tooth. The sighting boosted his spirits and made him feel a little special.

Who are we kidding? Zip always feels special and he makes sure everyone knows about it. However, he is proud to have witnessed the evidence of the unknown.

For the first time, I cautiously told about my extra terrestrial encounter. When I was ten, I ran up a hill on top of a hill to reach my home. Out of the blue, I was overcome with an urge to stop, turn around and look up.

A classic silver flying saucer with an amber, perhaps, glass semi-circular top, hovered over a shingled house at the end of the cove. I stared in shock not because it seemed impossible, but because the object was so obviously a flying saucer.

It wasn’t a toy. It wasn’t a balloon. It wasn’t an airplane.

I wondered if whatever operated the saucer was aware I knew it was there. Could the aliens have been looking at me, while I looked at them? Were they studying something on the other side of the house? Were they there because of me?

Saucer Cloud by Janie BillI walked toward the saucer even though there wasn’t any way for me to reach it. My curiosity about how the aliens would react to my bravery drew me nearer. As if it suddenly became aware of my presence, the saucer zipped forward a short distance, then zipped upward at a 45 degree angle, then zipped downward, completing the shape of a triangle. Without missing a beat, the saucer flew forward again, almost instantly gaining enough momentum to vanish.

How could a disk in the sky operate? Based on my sighting, my guess is that the top is a material that acts like a magnifying glass setting fire to ants. Not that aliens aim laser beams at people, but that sunlight and light from other stars is directed through the curved glass and generates energy.

Soon after discussing my secret encounter with Zip, a cloud formed in the sky that resembled the spacecraft. I took it as a sign the Men in Black were laying low for now and it was time to reassure all who are almost positive they came close to an alien that maybe they can safely come out of the closet, too. Or then again, maybe we’re all kookoo over reflections in the clouds.

Sunrise Angel Rays

Sunrise Angel Rays by Janie BillNew day. Starting over. Releasing the gunk from yesterday.

Angel Healing Orb by Janie Bill

A sunrise sends a bright light across the horizon, like a beacon warning adventurers to navigate through the clear waters. One morning when I woke with the seagulls and cormorants after spending the night on a sailboat, I felt empowered by the still light raining down on a mangrove island. An otherworldly presence seemed to hold life in place. My impression was confirmed by a cusp of red light generating a green, healing orb appearing in a photo I took.

Wildlife moves calmly during the waking hours. Sailors whisper, as if a sunrise is reverent and deserves respect. The tranquil, yet inspiring, mood during a sunrise overpowers chaos and activity.

The world takes a breath. A solitary light shoots out of a crack in the darkness, alights the treetops and dances over water, reminding each of us about our inner lights.

What creates the sense of connecting with one’s soul at the sight of a sunrise?

As I walked around the dock, photographing the sailboat with the sunrise in the background, the serene atmosphere extended the morning hour, giving the world a greater chance to absorb the heightened state of being. A green light followed me, filling me with the sensation of having Archangel Raphael heal the earth.

Angel Sign by Janie Bill

Perhaps the omnipresent mood arises from an innate understanding that the first rays to stretch out from the sun each day are less intense than the full sunlight. Looking directly at the mid-day sun damages the retina, however, many serene souls feel compelled to stare for long periods of time at the diffused sunlight when it breaks through dawn. Scientists discovered how rays from a sunrise stimulate the pituitary gland, nourishing the cells in the body, and elevating the need to consume as much food and liquids for deriving energy.

The quieting mood opens channels and clears the senses, resembling the results of meditating. Releasing thoughts relating to stress and worries elevates one’s energy, placing him in sync with angels.

Sunrise angels rain down peacefulness and blessings on all who take notice. They resonate within the early morning sunrays and caress every object exposed to the rising sun.

Sunrise Angel Orb by Janie Bill

The next time you find yourself awake before the break of dawn, step outside, look around and take in the sunrise angel rays. They are there, spiraling out from the special light cast by the sun, moving through the atmosphere, spreading blessings, expanding hopes, manifesting dreams. The concept of how influenced the earth and all beings in our atmosphere are influenced by the sun is the theme of my sailing mystery, where the protagonist must overcome adversity during chaotic natural disasters while fighting her lust for gold.

Healing Angel by Janie Bill

The Sad, Sad Telling of Trees

Spirit of Tree by Janie BillThere is a magnificent house on an elaborate road lined with manicured lawns and blooming trees where a row of sad trees frown as you pass by. At first when I noticed, I thought it was an unusual coincidence. Each pitiful expression practically hits me in the face as I drive by, one after the other, with five total. A flash of sadness, a smack of pain, a slam of discontentment.

Spirit of Tree by Janie Bill

After a few years of feeling my mood plummet as I crossed paths with the row of five trees, I wondered why all the trees in front of this particular home seemed sad. Could trees pick up on the mood inside a house and project the sadness within? Was it possible the roots of trees accumulate  vibrations of pain and remorse emitted by people fighting and arguing on the property above them? Do hateful words linger in the atmosphere long after the anger of the person speaking dissolves?

The house behind the trees is painted in a muddy white with light brown bricks. It’s practically large enough to be a mansion with a curving driveway and windows opening up to long staircases and stately chandeliers. The wide lawn is a healthy green with a row of oleander trees along the symmetrically arranged windows. The left side of the home is identical to the right side.

What could possibly cause trees to express such a profound sadness?

Spirit of Trees by Janie Bill

I conclude that the family living in the house is suffering. Perhaps a child is ill, or the couple is unhappy. The trees pick up on the desperate cries for help and the reckless arguments.

Eventually, breaking news reveals the story and confirms my theory. Inside the magnificent home, a man feels inadequate after years of making less money than he considers to be reasonable. Adopted by wealthy merchants, he never seems to embrace his high social status. His wife leaves with the children under her arm after allegations of his being physically abusive. Within a year, the sad, sad man commits suicide.

Spirit of Tree by Janie Bill

Trees tell stories about the situations surrounding them. They pick upon love and they respond to sadness. Scientists confirm how trees respond negatively to certain vibrations. When exposed to harsh sounds, trees shrivel and die. Then again, trees react in a positive way when exposed to classical music, the singing voice of a happy child and a few gentle pats when a cheerful mom gives them water.

Which leads to another question. Are there naughty nature spirits who influence trees? Do cunning elementals influence the vibrations surrounding trees? Is it possible to see a hint of the faces of menacing nature spirits who reside in the essence trees that grow weak due to exposure to harsh surroundings? Perhaps, if you look closely you will see a sinister spirit dominating a tree.

Sad Tree Spirit by Janie BillIn my fantasy novel, the trees remember every word spoken throughout history. They never forget. The roots of the trees carry the messages across the globe. There are no secrets on our planet because the trees collect our words. What is spoken never leaves the atmosphere.

Spooky Friends of Chattanooga

Spooky nights can take place anywhere. On a weekend trip to Chattanooga, that old railroad town hidden behind the mountains of eastern Tennessee, I opted to take a friendly walking ghost tour.

Friendly because it wasn’t scary. Granted, the stories of how the settlers lived and died were a bit morbid. Times were rough and man wasn’t kind to his neighbors.

One story stood out. An African American was wrongfully accused of harming a Caucasian woman. He was strung up and hung from the bridge. His body was left for a while. An orb can be seen where his head rested in the noose.

At the museum, a young lady worked tirelessly while the man of the place collected oddities. Many relics have spirits attached to them. The couple were murdered by a vagabond and their ghosts have been spotted on the premises.

Two parking lots are haunted. One was the site for a building that burned to the ground. A few orbs intimidate patrons of a new restaurant when they go to their cars at the end of the night. Above check out the ghostly blue energy burst. Below find the orbs.

The other parking lot was once where the African American morgue was located. This is the hottest spot in Chattanooga to get a photo of an actual figure of a ghost. The spirits of families and oppressed people are lined up behind the metal gates as if they are waiting to cross over.


Spooky spirits inspired my sailing mystery. The intelligent energies of spirits outside bodies add a twist to the murder caper. Legends sometimes fill in the dark areas of why people act erratically today.

Fairy Sprinkle Powder

Fairy Star Dust by Janie BillFairy powder is created by the activity of the angelic energies. It’s as if sparks flit off the high frequency of their movements. They don’t necessarily have wings, but as an intelligence that exists in the form of energy instead of matter, they defy the laws of gravity.

When man glimpses the heavenly elementals, the imagery of fairy energy manifests into shapes that particular witness is familiar with. Therefore, if she’s read fairytales of tiny mischievous beings with butterfly wings, a humanized dragon-fly might take shape. Individuals who are open to the untainted and unbiased existence of fairy energy might see projections of figures made out of light. If course, that’s not to suggest fairies have a human form. Man tends to apply human characteristics to all entities with an intelligent. Instead, the common thread of energies capable of reasoning and acting by choice is electricity, most commonly seen in the form of light.

A grouping of fairies, or elemental energies takes on the ethereal presence of fairy sprinkle powder. You’ve most likely seen it scattered around children’s beds on the night they place gifts for fairies under their pillows. Fairy sprinkle powder has magical qualities in the sense that the energy of the fairies creates a frequency which adheres to the particles in the air. The frequency is chalked full of positive energy, which can ease a restless child, calm nerves, and open one’s mind to dreams of other worlds.

When walking through an enchanted garden, keep an eye out for fairy sprinkle powder. It is the easiest evidence of their activity to perceive.

Typically, energy located higher in the trees is from wood nymphs, who love to share a sense of security and pleasing emotions. The more appreciative you are of the beauty and healing effects the vegetation spreads as a result of the fairy activity, the stronger the wood nymph energies become and the more likely you will connect with your magical side. In my nymph fantasy, elementals play a key role in saving the planet. It is a story of an intuitive, passionate eighteen-year-old who bravely faces the unseen forces destroying earth by entering parallel dimensions to solve the mystery of why a mystical book causes people to vanish, experience the thrill of romantic love, and reconnect with her wood nymph spirit. When wood nymphs are excluded from the world, the conditions of earth decline and man is vulnerable until the protagonist reconnects with their energy.